Las Vegas’ Best


Rugs are a business that everyone seems like they understand, but few actually do. So many companies out there, especially in our area, focus on profits and maintaining the status quo of expensive rugs dominating the market. As rug collectors from way back when, we all understand the rigors that go into owning a rug, especially if you are not incredibly rich.

We formed this company in order to give people the ability not only to be able to own an Oriental rug, but also maintain one at a low price. We are dedicated to serving the community in any way we possibly can, which includes offering the highest quality rugs at a low price and caring for people’s rugs at an affordable price.

Nothing like success

When we created our company, we were not sure what we had in mind, we just knew that we wanted to give everyone access to beautiful Oriental rugs. What we did not realize was the clamoring for affordable rugs in the Las Vegas area and just how well customers were going to respond to our business model.

Since that day we have given back to the community through giving people access to affordable rugs, but also by establishing a reputation for quality cleaning and repair services. We can assure you that our high tech equipment and dedication to our craft will pay dividends for you and your rug, no matter how expensive it is. We believe in doing things different and our customers have responded.